We've run out of stock of all of our rubber band guns. We are working hard to build more guns ASAP. Back order time varies from 7 days to 4 weeks depending on the product. Please find approximate backorder time listed on the product page for each specific product. To get your order as soon as possible, go ahead and place your order now. We will ship it out as soon as your whole order becomes available.

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun

Loaded Walnut PPK on table on desk


Boring office job? Bring some life to the office and put an end to boredom with our Model PPK Rubber Band Gun.


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Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun



Love quality craftsmanship? Introducing the opposite of cheap, mass-produced junk: Our 1911 Rubber Band Gun.


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Fun Rubber Band Shooter

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Rubber band guns are fun and have many practical uses. Whether you're tormenting your enemies, or enforcing elastic justice, Elastic Precision provides you with the tools you need for success.

We're dedicated to providing the tools you need. Whether it's attacking your enemies, or protecting your "interests", we have a rubber band gun to fit your needs...and your style.

When you need to escalate your methods of rubber band warfare, Elastic precision provides the tools you need to launch rubber bands faster, farther, and in more style than ever before.